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Our mission: empower young individuals to grow their finances and increase financial literacy

Waiting to invest can cost an individual $73,000.

We envision a tomorrow where comprehensive investor education is equitable and accessible.

We envision a society where young individuals are financially literate and independent.

And we envision an economy where everyone has the power to take control of their financial future.

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Our Values

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Constant Growth

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Our Story


Minvest was founded through the Entrepreneurship program at the Academies of Loudoun, a STEM magnet school in Loudoun County that prepares the next generation of leaders and innovators. After discovering shared struggles with investing and developing basic financial literacy skills, then-sophomores Arjun Setty, Bi Nguyen, and Raaga Kodali began to work together to learn more about the pressing issue at hand. Through months of market research tied in with the INCubatoredu program at their school, these three individuals - later finding their fourth teammate Alex - would go on to found a start-up that would equip Gen Z with the tools necessary to take control of their financial future. Today, with a team of over 15 individuals and a $6,000 grant from Modak Makers, Minvest is tirelessly working to make a difference in the investing journeys of millions of young individuals.

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