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Creative Working

Internship Positions

Minvest is looking for software development interns, a marketing communications intern, and a graphic communications intern. Based out of the AET INCubator program, Minvest fosters an innovative, collaborative, and growth-oriented culture that promotes a creative and exciting environment. We look forward to adding interns that share our values of transparency, customer prioritization, constant improvement, and accessibility. 

Cheerful marketing people brainstorming


Marketing Communications

  • ​Familiarity with Canva and Adobe Spark

  • Experience with Social Media Marketing

  • Understanding of Multi-Channel Marketing

  • Video Production and Photography Skills


Graphic Design

  • Experience with Canva, Adobe Platforms, or other Design Tools

  • Experience with Photography and Photoshop

  • Experience with Creating Original and Creative Content

  • Familiarity with Slideshow and Social Media Content Creation

Graphic Designer
Software Programmer


Front-end Developer

  • Experience with, CSS, and JavaScript (especially CSS)

  • Experience with Figma, Cinema 4D

  • Familiarity with Adobe XD

  • Experience with UI/UX Design

  • Understanding of WordPress


Back-end Developer

  • Experience with Python

  • Experience with Excel

  • Basic Familiarity with Financial and Investing Terminology

  • Fundamental Statistical and Data Analysis Knowledge

Information Technology
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